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To use this platform on PC, Metamask extension must be installed on your Google Chrome browser. If you are using smartphone Metamask[Android] or Metamask[IOS] is suitable. Put some HEX in your wallet and begin!
When interacting with smart contracts, it's always better to have some ETH for gas. The gas will be consumed when triggering smart contract's functions
OCTA is a reimagination of HEX with a low token supply
You can obtain OCTA by allocating your HEX to:
- The one time minting phase which runs for 30 days or
- Staking (available after the minting phase ends)
OCTA is generated during a one time 30 day Mint Phase where anyone may choose to mint 0.0001 OCTA per HEX pledged to the Octa Contract
Once the Mint Phase ends, the smart contract will execute a single 5555 day stake with all the HEX
Once the stake has ended, users may redeem their portion of the HEX stake principal and earned reward
Staking Power (also known as Effective HEX) determines how many shares you get for your hex stake
When you stake your HEX token, you are staking to the original HEX contract endorsed by Richard Heart
When you unstake, you are bound by the rules set in the original HEX contract (penalties or rewards)
When you unstake, only profitable stakes are subjected to conversion (principal in HEX, yield in OCTA)
When you unstake, only profitable stakes are rewarded a 10% bonus (based on the yield) from the bonus pool
When the single 5555 day pooled stake ends, any leftover tokens in the bonus pool are not included in the calculation to redeem HEX (protects minters from dilution)
You are not subjected to any fees when you stake or unstake
OCTA broken down as followed :
50% for users who participate in the minting phase
45% for bonus pool (locked in staking contract permanently)
2.5% liquidity provision
1.25% custodian 1
1.25% custodian 2